Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Joining the 21st Century Community of Bloggers

I've done it... I've created a blog.

For someone who is not technologically savvy, this has been a big hurdle for me to overcome. I'm a generation X-er, so not that old, but all the new ways to communicate and connect are proving a challenge to get my head around. Thank goodness for Small Business September, and a great seminar I attended yesterday with Laurel Papworth and the Women in Business Network, for getting me over the nerves of trying this. It took 3 different seminars for me to feel comfortable enough to try, but here I am.

So where to now? I'm passionate about clinical research. As a trained scientist who has worked in academia, biotech, pharma and CRO-land, I've had a great learning journey about medical and clinical research, it's challenges and joys.

Not everyone knows the ins-and-outs of clinical research, how it is done and how that research is translated into the treatments that we all expect each time we go to the doctor. I hope that sharing just a little of that knowledge will encourage people to get involved and contribute to clinical research in whatever way they are able, as sponsors, participants, reviewers, researchers, professionals, etc. That way we can all be sure of ongoing medical discoveries being translated into positive benefits for our health for the future.

What's your clinical research story?

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